My favorite game - Reversi

Onto writing an AI

I’m going to miss posterous. Should we agree on a standard way of sharing stuff now or let the market decide? :slight_smile:

I’m thinking it may make us cherish classes and shared code more.

If the “copy a tab from project x into my current project” feature is implemented, it would swing people towards using other’s classes so they only have to post there own pieces for their projects.

I regret bringing up posterous somewhat. It was a bit blatant and noisy. Not just sharing, sharing with pictures and tweets. I often get the “You didn’t just cross the line, I would say you did a olypmic running long jump over the line”.

Don’t. Posterous is a good thing.

If/when apple says “no sharing”, and it seems final - We’ll simply share outside of the app. If you don’t jailbreak, you’ll have to plug it in, but there you go. Copying files to/from the ipad isn’t that hard - I’m fairly certain at this point we can re-create the functionality externally if apple requires it removed permanently internally.

Maybe I’m Mr. Optimist - but I want to see what happens with the appeals process. We’re not talking about piracy here - we’re talking about what amounts to sharing text documents. One hopes apple eventually realizes that they’re doing more harm than good with a sharing ban.

I also suspect there’s a combination of Codea and some other filemanager that can send/receive to other apps that may let us work around this, even internally. (if you jailbreak - it’s easy). We’ll see.

@ruilov, I played against myself and lost… :slight_smile: That was fun, thanks!

Fred, added an AI so you can play with an easier player first

Thanks @ruilov, it certainly speeds up play. Glad it’s not invincible!

@ruilov I just got around to installing your greedy AI version of Reversi. Apart from the example of your excellent coding I very much appreciate your extensive commenting! Thanks for taking the time to do this.

taking some time to download everything before 1.2.7, very nice work here