My app wants access to the camera?

I think this stems from Codea’s camera functionally, but is there a way to disable this feature as I don’t want to trigger any privacy concerns. My app is currently in Xcode, and i get this notification on iOS 8.

OK! Sweet!

I got rejected the first time, then submitted the same thing again and got approved. Seems some reviewers are more observant than others.

Codea 2.1 should be available by December 8. So only a few more days. (Not entirely certain if it will be approved by then, but I’m hoping so.)

I’ve published an app and an update, but my newest update just got rejected. Is this available yet?

@YoloSwag I’ve been getting this too and was unnerved at first, I’m not sure how to disable this though. I’m not sure its possible using Xcode although I could be wrong.

@YoloSwag, @Luatee, yup my app did this too - I couldn’t find a way to disable it.

I just think it might annoy or creep people out that the game wants access to a feature that the app doesn’t provide. It might even cause people to delete the app, especially because it is the first thing they’ll see. @Simeon, can you help us out? I think your probably the best person to ask about this.

I would also like to know how to drop this access request when making an app that doesn’t require it.

I am having this issue as well (only on ios8 targets). Our app is currently being reviewed and this is the only point blocking the app release.

@Simeon, do you have any idea or workaround ?

Thanks a lot for any advice !

@oddcorrado this is fixed in the next version (2.1) sorry for the delay

Ok thanks!
We’ll try to figure something out in the meantime.

@oddcorrado I might be able to get you a beta version of the 2.1 runtime libraries — but I can’t promise anything.

Do you use many native add ons?

Thanks that is very kind!

By add-ons do you mean C functions called from within the LUA context like the one you register with lua_register() ?

Yes, we have just a few of them to handle: 1) fb/tweeter share 2) get the platform type to manage different cpu speed 3) solve some issues we have with http post

Except for the fb/tweeter share can live without those in the short term.

Thanks for your support!

@oddcorrado they may need to be adjusted with the 2.1 runtime. Because the Lua interpreter no longer runs on the main thread the callbacks will need to dispatch to main if you are doing UI stuff. E.g.,

// (Inside callback)

//Do Lua-related stuff

dispatch_async( dispatch_get_main_queue(), ^{
    //Do stuff with UI

It should be ok, we don’t have a lot of functions and they are quite simple.

@Simeon is there a way that you would be able to import code from the 2.0 to a 2.1 runtime once it’s already on a Mac? The reason I’m asking this is because most of my code has been edited on Xcode, and I’ll want to run the edited code 2.1 runtime.

Yes, but like I said, your native addons to Codea may need to be modified.

@Simeon. How would you fix this on a finished app that is already in the App Store?

@YoloSwag you would submit an update that links the new libraries instead of the old ones.