My advice to beginner and intermediate programmers

After struggling with programming for 3+ years, my advice for learning the foundations of programming is to use a free program called “Processing” first, and then move onto Codea afterwards using Ignatz written tutorials for help.

The reason I recommend this is because there is a massive amount of easy to follow video tutorials (300+), and example scripts for Processing, and the built in help reference is much easier to follow and more detailed than the one that is in Codea. Also there is a built in debugger for stepping through the code, and live mode for editing variable settings whilst the code is running to see changes in real time. Even though Processing runs Java code instead of LUA, the Java language in Processing has been stripped down of its complexity to make it extremely quick and easy to use. You can also install extra modes for Processing which allow you to program using Python or JavaScript, instead of Java. There is also an Android mode which allows you to run your code on android devices.

The syntax in Processing is very much similar to the syntax that exists in Codea. Processing and Codea both use setup and draw functions in a similar way (‘setup’ runs once at the beginning, and ‘draw’ runs in a loop), and a lot of the draw command/function names are the same and use the same parameters, so it’s quite easy to translate some of the Processing code over to Codea.

The free Processing app can be found on the following web site:

Recommended Processing books:

Processing video tutorials can be found here:

Processing app for Android (alpha version):