I have a .m4a encoded as stereo 160kbps and when i select it from dropbox and hit play, it plays

But when inserted into the setup() I just get silence, and no background music plays, weird!

I don’t say this to sound condescending, but rather because I’ve made this mistake a jillion times. Is your volume up? (Adjusting the volume outside the game adjust the sound effects volume, and I’ve done that 100,000,000,000 times then wondered why the in-game volume wasn’t working)

@Monkeyman32123 I too have done that exact thing.

Lol @toadkick…yeah, it’s kind of extremely frustrating, and I do it literally all of the time

That’s not it, i’ve tried music(file, true, 0.5) etc :slight_smile:

Weird part is that when adding the file you click play and it plays a preview …

In that case, would you mind showing a snippet, or a significant amount of the code (whatever amount is required for the bug to happen), it’d be much easier to help you if we could see the bug in action :slight_smile:
I’ve had similar problems with music, then when I had someone else look at my code They realized I had something turning the volume down as soon as the program started, something I completely overlooked :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t think it’s a matter of showing you the “bad” code but the “bad” m4a :slight_smile:

If I replace the m4a with one one of the built in sounds it plays ok …

The m4a that has issues is a dropbox one that I composed myself, 160 kbit encoding.

I think I’ve figured it out, the file was 44.1K as opposed to 48K …

Or maybe not, when I name the file Amaze3.m4a it plays,

and when it’s named Amaze2.m4a it doesn’t … what? :slight_smile: