Multiple Drawings

I have a project underway, and I have a small custom engine creating unlinited rounds and enemies to face, but heres my predicament: How do I get the enemies drawn in hight rounds where they spawn in the hundreds in a practical way. It doesnt have to be compact, just gets the job done.
(I’m not including code in this post, because I want to publish this, but if it is needed, I will PM you it.)

I’m not sure what you’re talking about, but if you’re trying to draw lots of the same object many times, try using rects in meshes.

I have 1 sprite per enemy, so if there are 23 enemies, that means 23 sprites

Use meshes instead of sprites and assign an AddRect to each enemy, this way you only draw the one mesh

With the latest update of Codea, using rects in meshes shouldn’t make the much of a different, but when having a lot of objects it’s useful. Here’s the documentation:

@CodeaNoob Look at my post called “Less lag in building game” @SpaceMonkey gave a great example of it. Basically, his method takes a picture of all the objects, or in this case “enemies” and just draws that as a sprite.