MultiPlayer game [community input needed]

So yesterday i started working on some multiplayer game, the gameplay allows 2 people to play on 1 ipad, you move your character on a ‘map’ with the arrows, and you can jump with the 3rd button.

The map will change every now and then, so be prepared for shifting walls. But I’m not that good at level design, so if anyone has any idea on what map presets i could use…

in class map, there’s a table called presets, change every second entry of every sub table to change the map

Please let me know if you have a nice map setup for me to use, thanks in advance

edit: once i get a few maps, I can start adding features like guns, power ups, …

I’ll be glad to help with level design, I design CoD Zombie maps for fun!

@CodeaNoob well it aren’t really that big ‘levels’ just like 16 blocks over the width of the screen, the only variables to that blocks will eventually be… the height… and the kind of block (like there will be solid blocks but also lava or so)