Multi level undo

One thing that drives me crazy about this app is that it uses a single level undo. I make two wrong characters and I’m unable to get it that back. Please add a built in undo and redo functions that saves it’s state even after you run it and has at least 10 levels.


I doubt you’ll get any disagreement on this which is probably why no-one’s commented. I suggest you post it on the issue tracker (if it isn’t already there).

Oh. Great. Thanks.

I would really like this feature soon. I keep messing up my programs.

I keep selecting huge chunks of my code and then typing “c” on the keyboard…you know, for “copy”? Doh!

Is “shake the iPad like crazy” the only way to invoke Undo? I keep waking up my partner.

There is an undo key in yhe numeric keyboard, but I find it patchy as to what can and cannot be undone (though I suspect it is the same underlying function as shaking).

I use the keyboard, because when I first got my iPad (after having an iPhone), I tried shaking it, and it fell on the ground. No damage :slight_smile: