Mr Ninja Xcode Question Thread

My app is coming, well on its way, and im testing it on the iOS simulator. I want the computer to stay normal, and not to get any “development mode” or anything on it that would either slow it down,more add a bunch of useless stuff etc. Any time I make a “build” (if that’s how you say it) and test it in the simulator I get a window to enter administrator privileges (which I didn’t enter, fearing I’d get some weird dev mode) and after I click it ten times, an error about debugging pops up in xcode and the simulator works as if like it to. What would happen if I enter administrator privileges there, would the computer enter some weird dev mode, or does that involve “debugging” in Xcode (don’t really understand what the means). All help is appreciated, thanks.

All it does is make the debugger work correctly. You have nothing to worry about. When you do enter the admin password, it will stop asking, and the errors will go away.

Ok, thanks.