Missile command type game

Here is a simple missile command type game.

Green and purple missiles split into multiple missiles.
Purple and gold missiles need a direct hit to destroy.
The length of the touch will determine the explosion size.
Windmills are missile silos, towers are bases (I wanted to use the built in graphic sets)

Works in both landscape and portrait but doesn’t like being switched between the two:-) Not sure which is best - I suspect portrait is easier due to longer missile path times and better horizontal screen coverage for explosions.

Oops - too long to fit here - will look at putting it on github later

Here it is


@West Nice game. It brings back a lot of memories from playing the original one.

Fun game. Gets unplayable once missiless really start coming at you though.

It’s meant to get super hard though the ramp rate migtjt be too severe. You may have to sacrifice some bases to concentrate on protecting one or two. You’re not penalised for missiles hitting already destroyed bases. There is no end but rather about getting the highest possible score. Mine is 3500 so far in landscape

@West, I meant because all the missiles slow it down too much. Not that it gets too difficult too fast.

Ah ok - don’t have an issue on mine with slowdown (ipad 3) - you could reduce the number of spacedust particles, increase their fade rate and reduce the number of smoke trails to improve it

@West nice work! This is really fun. My best score is 4310!

@Staples - cheers - my best is 6400 on landscape mode.

thank @West.

Nice looking! When I started making a missile command game it turned out to be something quite different in the end. :slight_smile:

@tnlogy would you consider making a single gist from your project? All these files are too long to copy to the ipad. While it would be quite simple from the project (long press). Thanks.

@tnlogy nice concept - missed it first time round. There seems to be a slight issue with retrying some levels as the instantly lose - guess some params aren’t being reset. @Jmv38 I imported it file by file - none were too long. I would support a single gist option though

@west i meant it is too long to do it! But since you had the patience, maybe you could make the gist for those like me who dont want to make this effort? :wink:

@Jmv38, really living up to your profile icon :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll do it when I’m at a computer next time :slight_smile: