Minecraft: Neon Edition

My friend is making a OS simulator of a device he always wanted to make. NeonOS

I contacted him and told him I wanted. To make a Minecraft: NeonOS Edition. He said he would love that. So from that day I started learning codea I managed to make 3 simple scenes. 1 the menu, 2 the settings, 3 the game. I actually make it 3D you can even move around with the Dpad the thing is there is only one block. After that I was looking through codea and found 3D blocks. And I looked at the code and found out a lot about the way the project looks. One of the developers of Codea actually posted a picture of a project they call #CodeaCraft and I notice the code is a little bit the same as 3D blocks. The point is I’m wondering if I can use the project 3D blocks to make Minecraft NeonOS Edition. It would make it a lot easier to make a flat world for Minecraft: NeonOS

A Question you might be wondering:

Question: Wouldn’t it be hard to make a game like MCPE?

Answer: yes. But I watched a video called JUST DO IT. So yeah I’m making my dreams real

Ps. if you wanna help out in this project please say. I would of made a discussion about asking people to help in my project. But my friend told me not too Becuz wen he did he said that people thought he wanted them to do the work for him.

Hello, welcome to the forums. Why does everyone want to make a minecraft clone?!

Seriously though, by setting the goal that high you are setting yourself up for failure. I’m glad you’re making progress, but you are going to hit a lot of stumbling blocks (no pun intended) along the way. MCPE was created by a BIG TEAM composed of EXPERIENCED COMPOSERS spending MONTHS working on it FULL TIME. To think that you can recreate it in your spare time isn’t just ambitious, it’s completely unrealistic! It’s like saying “I’ve seen movies, I’m sure I can fly a plane.”

If you want to treat coding seriously (and I think you should, it’s a great hobby) then start small but realistic, and build your way up. Much more satisfying to create a small project that is all your own than to clone someone else’s work.

Also, there are lots of people on this forum with their own projects, so most aren’t going to want to join a team headed by someone who (I’m just guessing here) is quite young and inexperienced, and who in any event is trying to create something which already exists in the world.

I don’t mean to be negative, but it really is best to start small and original. Listen to the advice you get here, good luck and have fun.

There’s really no reason to ask if anyone wants to help unless you want them to write code for you. Because if they help you, that’s exactly what they would be doing. This forum has been running for over 3 years with more code examples than you could ever want. Probably all the code you need to write your program is already written in some of the examples. You just need to find it, which most of the time isn’t easy. The fun in programming is learning and doing it yourself or with a friend. Everyone here will help you, and even code an example if you ask for something specific your having trouble with. There have been too many users here that have asked for help with code, when it’s obvious they didn’t write any code themselves, but took code from examples and say it’s theirs and they want help to change it. As I said, we’re all here to help when you need it.

@_Tommy Mincraft has been cloned quite a few times already.

If your looking for some inspiration, Googling for something like: “Open Source Minecraft Clone” brings up some interesting resources.

Here is a few I found which I could find the source code easily :slight_smile:

I also found a couple of lists of Minecraft clones which possibly could also have some useful resources too :slight_smile:

Also here’s nice explanation of how Minecraft works :slight_smile:

It provides some “pseudo code” (code which is used as guidelines but doesn’t run) which might help show you how you could approach writing Minecraft in any language.

@epiccuurus101 I have been PM by @Ignatz telling me what too do. He gave me a link to a ebook. And I’m reading it. Finding out things about codea I never knew. Also yes I am young. I am 10 :P. I’m gonna go back to making simple scenes with Switchs and junk. I might make a 2d game too

@epiccuurs101 @_Tommy MCPE was only made by 4 developers. And wen it was on version 0.2.0 only 2 developers were working on it

@AveryD - it doesn’t really matter how many developers were working on it. What matters is how difficult it is, and I’m not sure that any of us - even those with professional training and experience - could build MCPE in Codea.

A 10 year old with little experience isn’t going to be building it soon, either, but if he learns fast and keeps practising, he could be a coding wizard in a few years, and then who knows what he could do.

It’s like learning skateboarding. When you first start, you would be crazy to try 360’s. You start by learning basic moves and work up to the big tricks. It’s exactly the same with programming. You can’t program MCPE without a good knowledge of Lua tables, classes, debugging, program structure, 2D graphics, 3D graphics, and more.

But I am so jealous of @_Tommy, starting at age 10. I never had that chance. He has lots of time to get really good at programming, so by the time he is ready for work, he could have some seriously good skills.

@Ignatz :slight_smile:

+1 wot @Ignatz said - very well put!

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