Meshlab for iOS

Hi All,

Just downloaded the free Meshlab for iOS onto my Pad2. Looks great - three example models in PLY and a similar visualisation to the desktop. It might be me, but, I can’t find out how to download my own models. Have any of you installed this? I also have downloaded the app for Android but that won’t run due to a failure of a supporting package.

I’ll be contacting the authors but wondered if anyone here had tried it.



Have a look at the FAQ page on the main site - you can either upload models to your own server and have the app download them (would probably work on a public dropbox folder if you have an old dropbox account), send it via a file attachment via email (max 5mb) or connect your iPad to your PC and use the iTunes file sharing options to upload it directly to the app.

Hi @TechDojo,

I have Dropbox and tried to download my models on there into Meshlab without success - after your note I decided to give it another try and found the link from the model vertex list using the open-in outlet. Bingo - it worked and I can now view my obj files.

Thanks for the prompt - almost gave up on that one.