Memory & images

Does anyone have any experience of the runtime (on iPhone) and image memory? I’m experiencing a pretty drastic slow down when I’ve allocated an image which I’m drawing sections of. On the iPhone, if I’ve allocated the image, which isn’t big, it seems like it’s causing the app to struggle generally. I’m creating quite a few small images as well to use as sprites. Do I have to do anything to free images when not in use?

Things run fine in the iPhone simulator, which is generally a fair bit slower than the actual device.

I’ve not used meshes currently - would transferring the images to a mesh free up memory?


Go away from sprites and use meshes. Much faster. Sprites are hungry, slow interfaces from tests I’ve seen. Great for rapid prototyping, but not performance.

I recall there was quite a good thread on here regarding Sprites v Meshes… Can anyone remember the link? Ps. As noted by a few others, the search function on here needs a bit of an overhaul methinks. there you go @andymac3d

.@Marsdaddy does your runtime app run slow on iPad as well?

@Dalorbi - Ta m8 :slight_smile:

Hi, thanks for the comments, I’ve already started to migrate to meshes. @Simeon, I haven’t tried on the iPad, I’ll let you know.