Member Details

Hi All,

Just thought that it may be a good idea for members to add a little further detail to their ‘member details’ when they join, or later if they don’t want to add the data straight away.

What I’m suggesting is that, in particular, we could add details of your machine - not registration just iPad, iPhone with version and iOS number, Ram size and Codea version number. This could help when we need to consider the implications of system versus project objectives.; also compatibility problems.

Currently there is no field to allow this input. You could also allow the member to add other machines Mac, Linux PC etc and other interests - Processing, javascript, 3D etc. so that we know what general experience the member has.

I’m willing to add my details and I’m sure most members would add theirs. But I’m proposing this is an optional field in the ‘member details’ of the site.




@Bri_G Also, possibly a time zone. That would help when we answer a question to know if that person was sleeping, working, in school, etc.

Hi @dave1707,

Good suggestion - that would also help members know when the mods and local experts are likely to reply. Helps focus your own time-table.