Maze & Level Editor from Xavier's Tile Demo

Hi guys–I made a modification to Xavier’s tile demo to make it an actual game, even if ever-so-slightly:

It’s a maze, and if you find the floor tile with a star on it you win, and there’s a secret passage that is stupid hard to find because it’s not marked at all :wink: .

It also has a very primitive level editor–you can press “clear map” to make a blank map, and then use the little box to roll around, leaving floor tiles wherever you go. You can erase/lay down floor tiles until the map is how you like it, and then you can save it. When you load it again, all the blank spaces will be replaced by walls automatically, and it will look like a real level!

It’s a moderate amount of fun! Check it out!

…and if anybody thinks this is neat and wants to help improve it, it could become something cooler for more people to use:

  • it could use some way to lay down special tiles (like the secret passage tiles and the winning tile). Right now you have to put those in by hand, in the code. I can’t figure out how to do it simply.
  • it could use a way to save/load more than one map. Right now it can only save one custom map, and if you want to make a new one, you have to write over the old one.