Matrix Demo or Flag Demo with Shaders


Is it possible to create a matrix demo by using fonts like the text command in a shader’s code ?
The previous source code without shaders are too slow.

I wish transforming sprite in flag’s form. Could you give me an example please ?

Thanks a lot

can you give us an example of how you want it to look?

for example we can see animated flag in this website :

the first demo is the animation that we can see in the matrix movie
is it possible to draw ascii characters or font in shader’s code ?


3d town is beautiful and very useful but how can i insert cylindric forms and columns

Hey @hpsoft, there is an example project which simulates fabric (cloth simulation) which is similiar to what you want…
On a matrix like look (I am assuming you mean the movie, its my favorite)
matrix think it might be difficult to do with shaders, as you need text…
There was an example of it posted a while ago, ill find it for you :slight_smile:

here you are

@hpsoft - one question at a time!

I think you’ll find it’s not worth writing code to wave a flag. That’s just an animated GIF, and I think that’s the best way to do it (in Codea, you’d have to draw each frame in the animation in a loop, but I would have the frames pre-drawn, not try to create the movement with a shader.

If you really wanted to do this, you could possibly use the noise function to create random bump in the cloth, then use code such as I have for my terrain (which you have seen) and use the flag as the texture. But that’s a lot of code just to wave a flag - is it worth it?

wrt 3D modelling of curved surfaces, the problem is you have to bend the triangles. This can be done, of course, but it adds complexity and more vertices, which hits your speed.

i like your picture jordan, is it perhaps possible to transform camera’s picture to matrix picture.