Marketing Codea

In last month’s edition of PC & Tech Authority (an Australian computer mag) there was an article about 10 things that you could do on your iPad. The writer stated that you can’t yet program on an iPad which is patently incorrect so I wrote them a letter to correct this inaccuracy.

Lo and behold in this month’s edition they published my letter - as the letter of the month no less! Hopefully this will drive some more awareness of Codea. You can have a look at the letter here:

BTW - how do you display a picture in the forum? I have tried using html and markup but can only seem to get an image placeholder.

.@Reefwing ![Alt Name](Image Link) e.g.
Codea Logo
P.S. you can see the format by searching for this discussion, it’s in plain text there.

That is awesome, @Reefwing! Thank you for taking the time to correct them and point out Codea.

To insert it as an image on the forums it can’t be in .pdf format — your file would have to be converted to .png or .jpg.

Thanks @Jordan and my pleasure @Simeon.

Hello @Reefwing. By coincidence, I recently added something to the wiki here about including images in comments. You may find img tags more flexible than the markdown syntax.

Congratulations on the new backpack :slight_smile:

.@mpilgrem - ah thanks for that. I tried both the markdown and img tag syntax and they don’t seem to work for an image stored on dropbox. Am I doing something wrong or can others see the image in the post above? It obviously works because I can see @Jordan’s image.

.@bernbout - ironically I really like those backbacks and I have just bought the exact same model!

.@Reefwing I don’t think Dropbox allows hotlinking / embedding of images. You have to host it at a static location (so the address is always the same — such as on your website) in order to embed it.

Thanks @Simeon - I will have to dust off my ftp skills!

You are using:

<img src="" width="100%" alt="image" />

and I see no image. However, if I change this from www. to dl.:

<img src="" width="100%" alt="image" />

then it works (try it). Are you sure that you are picking up the correct url when you right-click on the image file in your public Dropbox folder?

.@mpilgrem - brilliant! Yes dl does the trick. I was getting the link address by clicking on the “get link” hyperlink which seemed the obvious thing to do. Even when I right click on the image and select “copy URL link” I get the same www address. How did you come up with the “dl” thing?

Hello @Reefwing. The explanation here is not how I came up with the ‘dl’ thing, but it does explain it. I’ve added a link to that explanation to the wiki here.

Much appreciated @mpilgrem - there is always something new to learn!