Markdown Codea : rich text formatting

interesting. The overall user experience feels very professionnal. However, i like better the ‘swipe to scroll’’ behavior.

@Jmv38 thanks for trying it out and for the feedback. I think maybe a combination of the two could work well? So tap to add a new paragraph and move the focus to the end of the page, and swipe to scroll back and forth over what you’ve already read.

The next thing to add would be markdown’s link format [link text](link). The link would be to another text string, and would be clickable. Then you’d basically have all you need for a text-based adventure.

Perhaps the image link syntax too ![caption](image.jpg) to add graphics

By tomorrow, I expect the ability to set bookmarks and highlight text of interest. :smiley:

Don’t worry about feature creep, I promise I’ll stop once it can download emails from an IMAP server


Can you also make like this syntax highlighting?

Yes, you could apply the principles here of parsing text and colouring it accordingly to syntax highlighting. If you query _G you can find most of the Lua/ Codea globals.