making sprites border free

I am experimenting with making my own game art via inkscape, and am wondering what the best way to remove the white border that surrounds the image is (Free if at all possible.)

@jrohanian -

When you import to Codea, don’t save it to your Photo gallery first, because that will put a white background on your image. Put it in the Dropbox folder used by Codea, then sync within Codea (if this isn’t clear, I can explain further).

@Ignatz Thanks, now all I have to do is get good at drawing. :)>-

You can do your drawings directly on your iPad with a little known free gem app called neu.Draw and it doesn’t put a white border around images.

@jrohanian i use the InkPad app
And copy the images into my documents folder.
InkPad also doesn’t use a white boarder

@LightDye thanks for the link. This app is really impressive!

@LightDye Wow that is an impressive app, especially for free.

Hmmm, I save transparent png files in photos all the time without losing the transparency. From a web site, just selecting the PNG and downloading, then bringing it into photos works fine. On the iPad, I use ArtStudio and export files to Photos without an issue.