Making an MLG Game

I am making an MLG video game. It may include profanity due to some of the sound clips being used. Then again, it wouldn’t be an MLG game if it didn’t have those clips. I need suggestions though as I don’t quite know what is MLG. Also, does anyone know a source where I can learn how to make a projectile fire in 3D.

Thanks in advance. Don’t know when it’s released but I’ll give out the code when it’s finished if you want it.
I intend to somehow import blender models into this so I believe there is a script that allows you to do this but I can’t seem to find it.


.obj importer by @Ignatz is on coolcodea. Check the 3D category at the side of the blog page.

I don’t know what MLG is either.

@Ignatz has an importer for .obj files, these can be made using blender. As for making a projectile fire, take a look at @LoopSpace and @Ignatz 3D shape library, it’s got what you need. Look at basic 3D physics and Codea’s 3D library if you get stuck. I assume you’ve learnt a fair bit now so I’m not going to write an example but if you’d like me to elaborate I will.

MLG is Major League Gaming, basically some sort of group for people good at video games. There are a lot of memes associated with being “MLG,” and are used in troll games like what you want to make, such as Mountain Dew, Doritos, Sanic, the MLG logo, Snoop Dog, Skrillex - Bangarang, etc. There’s a few things you could add.

Bangarang? I’ll have to google that XD

Thanks all

You want to make a MLG game but don’t know what it is?..

As Sky said, MLG is video game competitions for money, for games such as Call of Duty. MLG isn’t a type of game, it’s a competition.

@Crumble no I know what MLG is. I’m making the “joke” version of it. What I meant was I need to know more MLG memes

@Toxyn - Look up MLG flappy bird 420

@Saturn031000 will do

This project has been put into cryostasis for now as my iDevice has been water damaged. I am hoping for my iDevice to be repaired over the next few months. There is also a chance that I will not be using Codea ever again.

Cant you just go the Apple Store and get a new one in 10 minutes?

mlg is a 420 yoloscope, whatever that is.

@Mr_Ninja Not everyone has enough money to buy a new iPad, or repair their iPad if it’s possible.

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