[Major bug] Codea just deleted a tab out of my project

I’ll start with how this happened. Keeping my UI in a separate project with a dependency means when changing a UI element I have to go back and forth from the projects which is no problem. Well I went out of my game project to the UI project (this was after a few project switches and the game was working fine before) changed a texture and went back to my game.

When I ran my project I noticed an error, at first I thought I must have put a typo before switching but I soon found out my ‘WepSlider’ tab had vanished. This is the class than creates the weapon wheel at the top of the screen. So after frantically looking through my backups I found a close enough copy, whew problem solved.

Although it isn’t, I’m a bit terrified to carry on what I’ve been doing knowing that this is possible. I have created a backup in order to keep working but I don’t know where to start to recreate this bug. Also I haven’t put this on the Issue Tracker as there’s no trace of how this bug came to pass.

@Luatee please add it to the issue tracker anyway, I’ll audit the code relating to saving and dependencies.

@Simeon Thanks, put it on. After completely destroying my project, I’ve found one of the causes to be this: Run project → Wait until it’s just about to load → Hit X (bottom left) to exit project → Load project → Bug

I am not certain whether this is what caused the removal of my projects tab but it does remove them.

Thanks @Luatee that is extremely helpful

@Simeon I should note, when doing this it destroys all project tabs that come after it (to the right).

@Simeon I was able to duplicate the disappearing tabs by following the directions above by @Luatee.

Can also confirm Luatees instructions work, I did it with the anagrams example

Thanks everyone. Should be able to have this fixed in the next update.

so, 6 months from now? :stuck_out_tongue:

@matkatmusic it’s been fixed :wink:

@matkatmusic It was fixed and will be available when Codea 2.2 is released. I think it will be released soon, but then I’m not the one doing the release.