Mágica Gems source code

Here it is


Next: genetic algorithm for generate the new Gems…



Yeah, mysterious.

Thanks for sharing @juaxix! I will be checking it out shortly. I really wish Apple would approve the next update already as it makes code sharing so simple.

I hope so :slight_smile:

I forgot to mention that this is not following the common rules of a typical bejeweled game, the gems will clear when there are 3+ together, left-up-right-down.
For example:


All the 1’s are cleared ,and this is the result, after cleaning:


I choose not to animate the falling, in stead of that i set the cell to exploding and then regenerate with another gem, so, the next few frames appear all together: score of each group cleaned, explode sprites and falling animation, that’s the magic of this game mechanic :slight_smile:

added to wiki https://bitbucket.org/TwoLivesLeft/codea/wiki/UserContrib

Btw that was my score the first time I played it. This forum could really stand a “like” button.

hahaa, ahh!, ok!

Here is the video…


I have added two game modes, new gestures to control the game, and some features like check if the game has a solution, bonus, score multiplier, tweeners, etc.
Hope you like it :slight_smile:

It is online.

People just ask for a promo code and i’ll post it via PM :wink:

That is very impressive!

awesome can i have a promo code?

Very nice indeed. Congrats and good luck.

Thanks @Reefwing and @Keebo
@veeeralp : i have just sent the promo code :wink:

Looks pretty nice! :slight_smile:

There are promo codes for me? ( I’m kidding, only one code :smiley: )

Woo, there’re three games I know now which developed with Codea:
Cargo-Bot, Magica Gems and Space Puzzle para.
I’m surely should spend some time to learn Lua and Codea.

Hey @Georgian check out your PM’s :wink:

@Zenz : I made Space Puzzle too xD and i’m getting ready more games, i dont know why, Codea is perfect for me to do these kind of prototypes that can turn in commercial games :slight_smile:
thanks @Simeon

Congratulations @juaxix. As a developper (.net :confused: ), i can only say one thing : RESPECT :wink:
Nice work. I’m really impressed by the work that can be done with Codea.

Thank you @yelnats ,do you have a website where we can see your work?

@juaxix: very nice game. I wonder how do you do the graphics? Which program do you use? I mean the background, the stars, the sparkling effects, etc. I’m working on a game and it looks flat and boring… well it is still a prototype, but my question is how do you take a game from the prototype looking to the professional look and feel that Cargo Bot and Magica Gems have? What other tools do I need apart from Codea?

Is there any tutorial or example on how to do this phase?