Mac Versions For App Making

What version of Mac do you need to make an app? I’m pretty sure I need mountain lion.

Anything that can run Xcode (the latest version). I suggest at lease OS X Lion or higher, but if your going to buy a Mac or an OS, wait until OS X Mavericks comes out.

Is there anyway else to make a app? Can you on windows?

While you can run a VM and put Max OSX on the VM, it’s certainly quite a bit challenging to keep a VM working well, and it’s not a “valid”/legal configuration.

I used a VM for about a month before I get a mac mini. The difference was amazing as far as development goes.

So, it’s possible, but not legal nor worth the hassle. However, if you are going to try anyway, Google on how. You’ll lose about a day of your life getting stuff downloaded and configured, then another day trying to get XCode to run.


Here’s Apple’s answer:

According to this page, you have to have OS X Snow Leopard or later. I just bought a Mac Mini with Mountain Lion, and it works great. I would suggest getting an i7 or i5 Mini, partly for performance and partly for future-proofing.

I would not mess with running OS X on a PC, aka the “Hackintosh”. Unless you get the perfect combination of chipset and video hardware, you’re going to have a lot of trouble.

If you’re looking for cheap and easy, the best way to go is a Mac Mini. I use a KVM and just hook it to the same monitors as my Windows PC.

I bought a MacBook Pro for making apps… Of course, I also wanted to develop apps in Objective C, and play Minecraft without lag (and with GLSL shaders). So with 16 GB of RAM, $2,500 is totally worth it. :stuck_out_tongue:

I confess that I’m lusting after a new Mac Pro, though I have absolutely no need to have one just to do the compile cycles, light use that I currently manage on an aging Macbook.

I just want one.

Minecraft works on a Mac mini? Wow. Mine’s just for compiling Codea apps. Seriously.

@Aciolino minecraft wotks on iPad too!

yeah, my daughter is completely addicted to it on her iPad mini.

@aciolino Not sure about Mac Mini, I would assume so. I said MacBook Pro, completely different. And I got 16GB of RAM which cost a few hundred, I think. I’m getting around 100 FPS now, though. On my old laptop with 3GB of RAM, I would get around 10 - 15 FPS…

Minecraft was what got me into coding, by making mods in Java.

Minecraft works fine on the Mac Mini. I did turn the graphics down a notch, however, to keep the FPS up.

I’m actually rather surprised the integrated Intel graphics are capable of that. They’re definitely not on my i7 Windows laptop.