Mac OS X version of Codify


Is there any plan to bring Codify to OS X? Codify is so good that I really want it to be also available on Mac OS X as well. It’d be better if we could share code between OS X and iOS (via iCloud?).



Processing is very similar to Codify and has been praised by visual coders for it’s simplicity! I don’t intend to take the spotlight from Codify, but I do think they should put all their energy in the iPad platform and not make a OS X app. It’s soo unique on that platform!!

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Max Persson

There are some reasons why I think it’d be great if Codify is also available on Mac OS X.

First is code sharing. If Codify is still unable resolve this issue, the code can be shared from iOS to OS X, then from OS X it can be shared to the rest of the world. I know it’s a bit complicated, but it’s a solution nevertheless.

Second is the language. Of course Java (that’s the language used by Processing) is good and all, but Lua has its own beauty. Lua and Codify is great as tool for teaching kids mathematics and basic programming. Lua is simpler, more elegant, and less cryptic than Java. If the kids already familiar with Lua and Codify on iPad, they can continue their study on the desktop. This will also make them less dependent on iPad.

Third is as an option for app development tool on OS X that is still very limited. Other than XCode and Eclipse, are there any other good development tools for OS X? Especially for Lua? So, it’s an business oppurtinity for Codify. If it can be successful on iOS, why can’t it be on OS X? :wink:

Sure, the first and top priority is for iOS. I agree with that. Besides, it’s still on v.1.x. However, when Codify becomes stable and mature on iOS so the authors are no longer as busy as today, they can start to port Codify to OS X. My bet it will come to this state when Codify is on v.2.x.



Ok, have to agree with the learning aspect for kids, it’s a great opportunity!

But still, as you say, first development on iPad, second maybe a OS X version.

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I would really like to create a Mac OS X version of Codify. But I don’t want to neglect the iPad version in any way, so those updates are taking priority at the moment.

Also I think iCloud syncing between Mac and iPad versions of Codify could be a really nice feature.

Max: I love Processing too. It’s very much the inspiration behind Codify – I wanted a Processing-like visual creation tool on iPad.

Simeon: Excellent inspiration! Do that with a full feature set and you are a rich man. :slight_smile:

I would assert that focus should be spent on Codify for iOS. (But, this isn’t my product, so, take that with a grain of salt.)

Users sincerely interested in creating applications like this really should focus on using Processing and its variants (in Python, Ruby, etc) and of course, Processing itself.

The benefits Codify brings to iOS are the parameter/slider bindings and accelerometer/touch APIs, a nice sprite/sound API and of course the use of Lua.

But, I can see how folks new to Processing might like Codify on OSX.

An OS X version with the same API would be kinda cool for cross-environment development. When the day comes it’s easy to move things back and forth (iExplorer is a smidge flakey), this would be less useful, as you could simply do tethered development.

anyone tried porting with Ansca Corona?

Dont Forget windows

2 things:

  1. Corona is a heck of a lot of money. I’ve looked into it. And it can export.
  2. Windows is just another environment to manage.
    My verdict: Codea for iPad should take priority. Bring sprite packs, import of sounds, a little better touch API, and I’m set to program my game. Then do other awsome things like this :smiley:

Hello, just want to echo with people saying that an osx version of Codea would be great because Codea is very important as a way to learn programming to children, and the iPad is currently not as generally available as macs. Another important reason is IMHO that after the first months of learning a child could get tired of Codea on iPad for two limitations: writing code on the iPad is not ideal once you start to be fluent, and inability to exchange code is a big problem. Thanks for the great work on Codea.

@antirez we’re working on it. I’d love to make a Mac version of Codea, even if it’s just the command line engine that can be packaged into .apps.

Well, since someone brought this up again, let me tell you what I think about it lately. Especially since v1.3, Codea is getting much better as an iPad on-device programming tool. The more you’re using Codea, the more intimate you’re with the iPad specific features e.g multitouch, gravity, color picker, etc. They are things that both you and Codea barely can live without. Yes, somehow they can also be replaced or simulated on the Mac, but the experience would be very much different. I would say iPad and Codea are like soulmates, especially if you’re a programmer. :slight_smile:

So, while I could see the benefits of bringing Codea to the Mac, I don’t think I am now as excited as before to see Codea on the Mac. But, if the work has been started, then go for it! :slight_smile:

I think you’re right, @bee. Codea as a whole package is very much tied to the iPad. But the core engine (especially the graphics and sound rendering) could benefit by moving towards a more cross platform design.

I’d be a lot more excited for it if Love2D didn’t exist.

But - it does. And as a “learn to program” environment for OS X, it works, well, and it’s free.

So I’m not looking for Codea-On-Mac to fill that niche. Rather, I’m looking for it to act as a player for my ipad Codea apps…

I can play this game, too.
I would like to able to edit my Codea apps within Xcode, and have the emulator run them, then easily copy back over to the iPad and edit / run them there. No desire or need to have them run on the Mac - at least that I can see. Too different of an environment - and after saying that, not to sure how handy it would be to have them run on the emulator. No gravity, no compass…

I’ve had this idea for a while:
When you add Xcode export, add these features:

  1. Add an add on to Xcode for Codea syntax highlighting.
  2. Add ability to add goToCScript() when editing in Xcode to go to the C script.
  3. Make a Codea sync that finds your iPad on the wifi (it must be on) and allows you to copy over project and also convert them to and Xcode project when copying them over.
    These aren’t the best ideas, but whatever. Just giving a general idea of what would be easiest.

If anyone wants a project to do in their spare time, I have been thinking it would be awesome to use something like the javascript lua runtime (made with emscripten) mixed with some HTML5 webgl or canvas stuff to make a web based Codea player.

I haven’t had the time to look into it too closely, but would be willing to help out someone who does!

@Dylan - I’ve mentioned this before… I’m thinking that mabey someone could see if we could use the code from Repl.It that runs Lua and add Codea functions to it. I don’t know much other coding than Lua, BASIC, Monkey, and a little of a few other languages.