Just curious, do you think it will ever be possible for Codea to use LuaJIT instead of the official Lua distribution? The one major disadvantage of Lua is the speed compared to more traditional languages, and LuaJIT for the most part solves that problem.

@FLCode JITs are not allowed on iOS — they are impossible to implement on iOS due to memory protection.

what about lua 5.3? bitwise operations, utf-8 support, 64bit

@se24vad whoa, some big additions there. Would be an improvement for sure.

@se24vad I’ve been looking into it. It’s quite a big re-write to include it, so probably not by the next update. But it’s something I’m very interested in including.

counting on you. thanks

@Simeon that was fast! Exciting that 5.3 is coming