.lua to .love file converter (v0.1.1 out within 10 minutes!)

Hello guys,
Many other people and I have been confused on how to use Löve. Once @SiENcE told me how, I decided to make an Automator script to do this for you. The very first step is to drag the folder that’s extracted into the applications folder. Otherwise it won’t work. Basically, start off by just add this to the top of your main.lua file:

if require ~= nil then
    require ("loveCodify.lua")
    --Also add any other .lua files that go along with the main

Choose the main.lua file, any other .lua files that you use (not loveCodify.lua, vector.lua, conf.lua built in sprite packs, etc.) when my app requests it. Wait, then choose where to put the .love file. Then wait. It’s that easy. But there is a bug that sometimes occurs where it doesn’t entirely empty the “LoveCodeaApps” folder into the trash. Just dismiss the message and empty the contents of the folder into the trash.
But there is much more to come:

  1. Fixes the bug I was talking about.
  2. Add’s an icon.
  3. Allows you to drag files on to the app icon.
  4. Adds and app icon.
  5. Allows you to set the name of the .love file.
  6. Adds an option to automatically open the file when the conversion is done.
    You can find it here. Have fun!
  • @Zoyt
    P.S. ABSOLUTELY DO NOT ALTER THE CONTENTS OF THE FOLDER THAT IS EXTRACTED OR IT WILL NOT WORK. The only exception is if you are emptying out the “LoveCodeaApps” folder.



  1. Added an icon
  2. Added the instructions to put it in the applications folder

Hi, thanks for this, but still no cigar here, always the same issue about loveCodify.lua missing.
As you described the flow fails at the end, not sure if it has an implication?
this is what I have done:

  1. copy the Love maker folder under /Applications
  2. Insert the “require” bits in my main for all my lua files (PhysicsDebugDraw?, LoveCodify?, Vector?)
  3. Run the LoveFile maker app, choosing all my lua files (PhysicsDebugDraw?, LoveCodify?, Vector?), I assume not
  4. Double click the .love file and it fails, run manually and I get the loveCodify.lua missing

I don’t have much hair left but after a few days trying to get my Codea code running has proven immensely frustrating!!!

Tx for helping though!

@raidersan - Sorry about that. I ditched the project due to the open source Codea runtime library that will be kept up to date for sure. I’m creating a simple app to convert it to an Xcode project and I’ll find a way for making a Mac version (hopefully). If not, you can run it in th iOS simulator. If you still want to know how to use Löve, just LMK.