lua reference manual as epub

I hope that this is legal … please, someone, tell me if not.

I wanted to have a copy of the lua reference manual on my iPad for use when I’m not online. I also wanted to experiment with converting HTML to EPUB, so I converted it to EPUB. It’s probably not great, but it seems to work. If it’s legal, I’d be happy to make it available.

It is legal - the lua reference manual is released under the same terms as lua itself.

It’s ethically… “iffy”? They sell the manual on amazon as a fundraiser for the lua project itself. If you give it away, you’re competing with that effort.

Mind you - I did the same thing, I have it as a pdf on my ipad; and I didn’t buy it from them (my current financial situation prevents that). But I myself stop short of distributing it (although if someone I knew asked me for a copy, I’d give them one after suggesting that buying one would be a mighty neighborly thing to do). I’ll buy both that and the PIL at some point (likely bonus time, in August, when I suddenly have money…)

@Andrew_Stacey - Crack open the Codea.ipa app (~/Music/Mobile Applications/) by changing it from “Codea.ipa” to “” and open it. You will find a folder called “Referance”. Open it and you will see all the reference contents. Or you can use iExplorer. This method is faster though. Hope that helps!