Lua Primer (german tutorial series)

Hello folks,

most of you have read @Ignatz amazing tutorials. They are well written and very informative and I always wanted to contribute to this community in a similar way. I think I now found the right format to do that.

My tutorial series is aimed at german speaking people. Primarily beginners. I plan to release one issue each month. You can vote for a topic you like to read about the next month. Feel free to visit my website to read more about it and download the complete PDF of the first issue (introduction and variables).


Ich habe zu danken :slight_smile: und wäre überglücklich damit weiter machen zu dürfen, wenn es anklang findet.

@se24vad Even though I can’t read it, it looks good. The only problem is you can’t make the new users read it. I can’t tell you how many times I suggested to new users to read @Ignatz tutorials or even the Codea reference.

@dave1707 True.

Anyway, my intention is not to force people to read my tutorials, but rather share my hard earned knowledge with anybody. I try to explain things in a way as I wish it would have been explained to me when I was learning it. And if I can make even one person understand some topic (at which others ‘failed’), it makes the effort well worth it.

Thank you :slight_smile:

I wish there was a way to force new users to read the tutorials. I feel they would have a better understanding of what was happening with Codea and make it easier for them to write code. Some of the questions they ask show they have no idea what they’re trying to do. I guess I can’t blame them, I never read the instructions of anything I get unless I run into trouble and have no one to ask.

yeah… Many questions I see on the forum these days could be solved easily by a 2 minute search or lookup in the docs. But I feel like people (still not all) are to comfortable: »Nah… just ask the forum, they’ll figure it out for me…«

PS: same here :smiley: - I also never read instructions, which is often a bad idea, because this leads often to misunderstandings and wrong assumptions about things…
Superficial knowledge is usually even worse than unsuspectingness.

@se24vad gorgeous artwork! Is it part hand-painted or entirely digital? What did you use?

I belong to several forums for different things, and without exception, new people come on and start asking basic questions without bothering to read anything at all.

So we are always going to have to tell people to RT*M, but I suggest we put a single set of most useful learning links in the forum FAQ, then it is easier to direct people.

@se24vad - nice work!

@Ignatz @yojimbo2000 thank you guys (:

@yojimbo2000 this is entirely handmade. I’m using the iPad exclusively for: writing tutorials, filming videos, coding in codea, making music, etc.
For writing my tutorial series I use the app Paper53 on the iPad Pro, together with the Apple Pencil. So far I’m linking this setup very much!

Cool, I’m a big fan of paper 53. I don’t have a pro/pencil tho. It really looks like it was painted with a real world, analogue brush!