Loving Logitech FabricSkin Keyboard Folio [EDIT]

Yesterday I just got my Logitech FabricSkin Keyboard Folio for $150. I thought I might let you guys know if it’s a good purchase for coding, because most keyboard reviews are not aimed for coders.
Anyways, when I first open up the keyboard and set it up, it looked and acted amazing. When you link the iPad with the correct magnetic spot, the keyboard would automatically turn on. When you unlink it, it turns off. That way, when it is normal using mode (whith the keyboard part folded back), you don’t have to worry about keys being pressed. This may sound like a slow process and a battery waister, but turning/connecting it on and off takes less than a second. The keyboard automatically pops up when you disconnect it. Goodbye power buttons.
As for the battery, I’d say I’ve been using it about 8 hours already, without running out. It will probably take a month for it to run out.
There were some complaints about the keys being too far apart, but for me, it only took a few lines of code to get use to it. I usually type about 70-80 words per minute, and I’m at about 60 on here. On the normal iPad screen, I’m at about 35.
Some users complained about the number keys being clumsy, but I’m not having a single issue. The keys are lined up at the top as home, 1-0,-,=, and delete.
One of my only complaints that isn’t really fixable is the tab. For certain keys, like the caps loc, tab, iOS specific function, ~, and ` you need to hold the “fn” key to access. That can be onoying when you have to use the tab key a lot. Thank heavens for automatic tabbing.
Typing in characters other languages is still easy on the keyboard just like on iOS. On iOS, you have to tap and holdon a letter to access a key in another language. On a keyboard, just like on the Mac, you press “alt” and a key that represents the type of cahracter, then press the character and you’re done. For instance, here is my name in Spanish (it’s original version): Natãn.
My rating for this is a 4.9/5. If there was such a thing as a perfect keyboard, this is as close as you’ll get.

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    Bonus - The keyboard is waterproof, but I haven’t tried that out, and I don’t plan to.

Thanks for the review! I use (and love) the Logitech ultrathin metal keyboard, but have friends who have been asking about folio-type keyboards for the added protection. I now have something to recommend :slight_smile:

I have a separate Bluetooth keyboard, and the only problem is that it disables the inbuilt keyboard whenever it is in range, which is a nuisance sometimes. This keyboard seems to solve that.

I just picked one of these up. Im really happy with the case and the keyboard. I had been using a separate bluetooth keyboard but got sick of hauling it around with me. Thanks for turining me onto this @zoyt

@Briarfox - No problem. Glad you like it.

Well, I’ve changed my mind. I love it, but I’m having problems with it. My magnet keeps coming out of place, and sometimes I can get it back in, but it’s hard. Now it’s permanently under the keyboard so not only is it hard to type, but the sensor isn’t working either.
I’m trying to get a replacement, but it’s a pain in the neck to talk to support.

@Zoyt Should be covered under warranty, good luck with getting a replacement. I’ve had no issues with my magnet.

@Briarfox - Thanks. Glad your’s is still working well.