LoveCodify - Wrapper Library to run Codify scripts on MacOSX, Linux, Windows

I did some research and wrote a wrapper library for Love2D to run Codify scripts on MacOSX/Linux/Windows.

You can get it from my Blog:


I think TwoLivesLeft should take over this effort and make it official. Or at least help this guy complete the API. :slight_smile:

This is a fantastic idea. Its community projects like this that will help Codea thrive.

We plan to open source the backend of Codea for people to use however they want, hopefully that will help efforts like this.

Delighted my moire toy was used as the example ;-p. I’ll have a play with this later!

This is just amazing. Looking at your source, you seem to have a pretty good mapping from Codea → Love. You even took care of parameters and mapping mouse clicks to touches.

Some bits just don’t seem to map well to Love though, vector graphics styles seem to be troublesome, as are ellipse/rectModes.

You could potentially do ellipseModes as a stored state that offsets the transform in the ellipse() call, then pops the transform.

Shure. I had very little time to write this. It’s still a lot todo.

But if you want to help, feel free to fork my github :slight_smile: or send patches. I will add them!

I added a vector class and a oop class implementation and added Breakout as working Sample.

I’m going to sticky this thread as it’s a pretty awesome project.

Thx :slight_smile:

Excelent! I thought of doing this, but I lazy. Now I’m excited. thnks!

Forked, and working on!

Ah great, someone is helping. Just merged your changes.

How closely is Codea tied to iOS? As in, I would gladly pay $8 to have that environment running on my MacBook Pro (I don’t currently own an iPad, though Codea is making me think about it!)

I dont understand!? If you have no iPad just take and the IDE of your choice. Love2D is very similar to Codea/Codify and the runtime runs on MacOSX, Linux and Windows. And now you can also run Codea/Codify scripts.

Trying to run loveCodify on my MBP. Getting the following error:

cannot open loveCodify.lua: No such file or directory

Does this file need to reside somewhere special? I left it in its default location. Thanks.

Just put it into the same directory as your codify script. I code on Windows and there i have to put it where my love runtime runs. Play around with the dofile path’s.

For anyone testing this out on a Mac, here’s what I did to get it working:

  1. Followed the Love2D getting started guide ( and modified my “~/.profile”
  2. Extract the LoveCodify zip file anywhere you want (i.e. ~/Documents/Games).
  3. Browse to the above folder in Terminal
  4. Run “love MoireToy” (or any other sample provided)

While messing around with the Space Invader game that was provided with Codea/Codify on the iPad, I noticed that “vec2(0,0)” seems to reference the Top Left of the screen in LoveCodify instead of the Bottom Left like Codea does.

Unless there is a better way to handle coordinates, LUA is all new to me.

Any of the Codify projects using the SpaceCute assets will break. Wondering how to work around that…

EDIT: sorry posted too fast; I found the solution after digging around in the loveCodify samples

I did several updates today, also to rotate and mirror the screenspace. But it’s still unfinished and needs testing. Love2d has a different coordinate system as codify/codea.

I saw display problems with the Enduro and Breakout samples. Did you fix the cause of those? I didn’t fetch your latest version yet but am hoping it will.