loveCodea now on github

I wanted to add one more function. I thought I first had to polish code here and there. I added functions. I polished code. I never got loveCodea out except for occasional teasers on pastebin. I had to kick myself in the ass and publish this thing in whatever shape it is. And it is in a quite good shape.

For old users of loveCodea: I have changed my workflow (the old one still works but is clumsy) and you should, too. I have some scripts in the tools folder (yes, Lua is not my favorite scripting language) to make things very easy. More information is in the Readme.

So, what can you do with the “new” loveCodea?

You can run many Examples like Cargo-Bot. I’ve also added some projects I found on this forum. Thanks to everyone. Please complain here if you don’t want this.

You can start an small file server and browse your desktop files on the iPad.

You can even start a small Codea project (thanks again to tnlogy, I liked his Remote Code) to immediately test the code with the real Codea. (Important detail for the power user: The “all lua files” feature of the file server does not observe plists nor does it scan the class hierarchy like the “stage” tool does.)

Well, too many words, you should just try it:

I have updated the corresponding page on the wiki to refer people to the github version, but I have not worked through the guidance on use on this page to see if it is still accurate for the latest version.

The snapshot of the loveCodea.lua file is old (as properly stated) and should be updated. It would be a good field test if you manage to create it yourself.

I’m not sure if the old way should be described on the Codea wiki since I consider it inferior to the new one, but there’s no reason to delete it. The old way still works.

Wow - that’s really impressive. I was impressed with the original loveCodify, but always thought the big issues is/was/will-be emulating all of the Codea libraries. To get as many done as you have is no small feat - congratulations. I also like the infrastructure you’re building to support it. Thank you for sharing the code. I’ll have to try this out - I’m a sucker for any good ways to import code to Codea…

Hi @Codeslinger,

Thanks for the update on lovecodea. Downloaded and put the files into my existing Love folder.

Problem - can’t get the cmd line system to work - are the commands for a Linux system? I’m trying to run from a Win 7 system.




Did you take care of the fact that you need at least a tclkitsh (a self-contained Tcl shell with some libraries, something that Python seems to be unable to come up with)? I’ve put a link in the read me, you just have to download it and put it in the folder (and then start the scripts with the name of the exe you downloaded). And maybe backslashes instead of forward slashes, don’t know what exactly doesn’t work for you.
I can assure you that it works perfectly under Windows.