Long line bug

With 1.46 when try typing in a fairly long line which is longer than the page width: something like

    text("Hello there, this is Simon's first program written on the ipad",CurrentTouch.x,CurrentTouch.y)

You can see that Codea duplicates some of the text and spits an error. I only tested with this particular line of code so can’t confirm for others.

This is a known issue. I am (not so) secretly hoping this gets addressed by the upcoming 1.5 update.

It will be addressed by 1.5.

Thanks @Simeon! Out of curiosity, will 1.5 also fix the multiline syntax coloring issues?

For wrapped lines (e.g. lines that exceed the editor width) then yes.

For multiline comments and strings (e.g. --[[ --]]) not just yet.

.@Simeon - I’m not sure if it is a related issue but using the multiline indent button stuffs up the rendering of the next line - it appears to add characters but they aren’t actually there.