Logo wrapper in Codea

After playing the Roboarm, It inspired me to create the LOGO wrapper in Codea.

You can download from http://sanit.posterous.com/logo-wrapper-in-codea-96505

The available commands:

PU()-Pen Up

PD()-Pen Down

HM()-Move the turtle to the center of the graphics area

SetPC(r,g,b)-Set Pen Color

SetC(color)-Set Color for more detail

FD(distance)-Moves the turtle forward distance in pixels

BK(distance)-Move the turtle backward distance in pixels

LT(degree)-Rotate the turtle degrees left

RT(degree)-Rotate the turtle degrees right

CS()-Clear screen

The command does not support REPEAT command but you can use FOR command in Lua.

Sample: Square

function square()

for i=1,4 do





This is another sample from the Logo commands.


Very cool. The first Mac program I wrote was a version of Logo called “Turbo Turtle” that was sold by Hayden Software back in '84. I’ve never lost my fondness for the language.

A great tradition to bring back

Neat - but take it farther! A language in a language is good fun and a great learning tool. Add the other logo language constructs - indeed, consider parsing a string with real logo code. Even a simple implementation of that should be faster than logo was on any machine back in '84. :slight_smile:

I can actually think of two ways - a parser that runs the code as an interpreter, or implementing the routines as you do, and a routine that translates logo into Codea-logo and executes it with load(). Not sure which is a better path to go.

Love it. An interpreter inside an interpreter!

Here’s a crazy idea: how about making a visual drag-and-drop code writer for this so that kids can make little programs in logo by dragging stuff instead of writing code?

Here's a crazy idea: how about making a visual drag-and-drop code writer for this so that kids can make little programs in logo by dragging stuff instead of writing code?

Nice idea!

On a (somewhat) related note… I love this image from the link @sanit posted above:

From sanit's above link

 Even a simple implementation of that should be faster than logo was on any machine back in '84.

@Bortels you mean slower! After they’ve programmed their turtle I’m sure today’s kids would also like to watch it move!


This discussion has brought back memories of http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Big_Trak which may have gotten me into programming since it predated the Timex Sinclair but it did come out around the same time as the first programming environment I remember using http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BASIC_Programming

@Bortels methinks you are mixing this up with Russ Meyer’s 1965 exploitation flick…

Edit: Oh wow ipda41001 thanks for the link – it explains everything (and makes me feel very old).

I miss my Big Trak. Just sayin. Oh yes, I had one. You betcha.

Edit: I had the trailer too. Yes - yes, I am special. My mother told me so.

It had issues because we had carpet. Not movement - calibration. If you made too many turns, the random jitter inherent in a turn on carpet would add up, and you’d veer off course.

it was awesome anyway. :slight_smile:

UPDATE: http://www.bigtrakisback.com/xtr-coming-soon/

Complete with iphone app.


Not in the same league but I had one of these when I was a kid…


I had my parents order it for me from an ad in a magazine.

(Some 40 years later, I bought myself the Minds-On Toys replica but I still haven’t got around to putting that one together…)

Hmm - can someone go to the English app store (or is it Euro?) and see if “bigtrak icalc” is available there? I click the link on the bigtrakisback site, but no love, and I’m wondering if it’s just US-broken.

Do I need say, bluetooth, we need to be able to control one of these bad boys in Codea? No, no I don’t need to say it.

@Bortels… It’s available on the Dutch appstore as the bigtrakxtr-idriver


Not the driver (I see that). There’s another that was listed as “bigtrak sound effects”. it’s on the downloads link on that site, but doesn’t come up in the app store.

I just needed to subject my family to my nostalgia and watch them roll their eyes at me.

That Digicomp looks fun, but can it shoot at your family? no, no it cannot. :slight_smile:

Sadly no shooting… To be honest, I was rather disappointed by Digi-Comp I as a kid. If I had stuck with it I would have heard of Digi-Comp II when it came out and that was a bit more exciting…


It’s also due for a remake:



a visual code writer would require a table/framework for the code

I have the embers of one here http://post.ly/4fzI4

It needs some control commands (along with a UI and a save format)

I’m not that familiar with LOGO but if peeps are interested, I can continue.

First question, should we assume that the first TO is the main and is code always required to be within a TO?

@Andrew_Stacey That is my first thought about the idea from Roboarm. However, I am not good in writting the programming in Lua. I just wanted to test that the Codea can draw Graphic pictures by using the LOGO command. I am studying how to handle the visual object with SUP framework (Simple UI Project from @Ruilov) and how to execute a series of commands from Roboarm. If someone can create the LOGO with the visual drag-and-drop UI, I would love to see and play with my daughter. Thank you for remembering the good programming in LOGO.

Hmmm. Digital code writer. Nested interpreter…

I’m thinking it’s time for a fresh version of Robot War. I loved the Apple II version so much that I licensed the idea for the Mac and was hard at work on an edition somewhere around '85, but the company I was doing it for got bought out and the whole project disappeared.

I’d love to write it in Codea, but first I have to think of a way we could exchange robots. It’s no fun without being able to hand off your champion as a challenge to someone else.