local data: where?

does anyone know where the local data is stored within the com.twolivesleft.Codify directory? ie data saved with saveLocalData

local (per-project) data is in data.plist in the project directory.

Andrew, I think that’s only data saved with saveProjectData. I don’t see the saveLocalData in there

I’ll take a look in a second.

Oh, sorry - misunderstood.

local data is saved in NSUserDefaults, which is somewhere in Codea.app/Library/Preferences/

saveLocalData stores to the device’s “User defaults” for the app. These are stored in:


found it thanks. Is the format different than project data? The keys seem to not be in plain text? maybe my text editor is getting confused (notepad++)

Just had a look. It’s a binary plist, these can be viewed and edited using Xcode on a mac. For windows, I found this tool: http://www.icopybot.com/plist-editor.htm

That said, if you want to email me your .plist file I can convert it to the XML format for you and send it back. There’s a command line utility on Mac (plutil) to convert between formats.

don’t worry about it, I can use the plist editor