Load your projects through one project with Project Menu!

This was an idea from a previous post asking for help. This project will allow you to add other projects as a dependencies. It will then generate a menu that launches each project. It’s handy for showing off your work as all your projects can be launched in one easy to find project!

Change PROJECTNAME = “What you named this project”

Then add dependencies! Thats it. I’m working on refining the scolling and the back button. Right now it just uses reset()


@Briarfox How is this copy supposed to work. When I select the link, I get another screen that says “touch and hold this icon, then hit copy to get the whole code”. If I do that, I see your code, but I either don’t get anything that says copy, or I get copy, but the only thing highlighted is the word Project in the “Project Menu version 1.1.0” at the top of the screen. If I hit copy and paste it into a project, I only get the word Project that was highlighted. If I want to run this code, I have to copy each tab and paste it.

Long press copy, then click copy. Then paste into a new project. Or login to CC and click download and specify a project.

@Briafox , when i copy the code in a new proyect. i need to create a dependencie again?

Copy the code, change PROJECTNAME = to what you named the project, and just add any dependencies that you want to load into the menu.

@Briarfox Apparently you’re getting something different than what I get. If I tap on your link above, I get a gray screen that has “touch and hold this icon, then hit copy to get the whole code” at the top of the screen. I touch and hold on the little icon, then after about 3 seconds your code with three tabs show. There is no copy button or anything else to press. As for CC, it crashes anytime I try to download anything. Apparently that’s being fixed, so is that the same reason I can’t copy your code using the link above.

perfect. is working @Briafox

@dave1707 To the left of the text that speaks of an icon, there is a “broken image link” image. Long press on that, and it should cover it in blue. Release your finger and press copy.

@dave1707 I’m sorry looks like its the ios5-ios7 webkit issue again :\


@Briafox , and there is a second CC update??. because it tells me that updates, but it never does

What version do you have? I need to rework the updater.

I wouldnt load CC in this project, it will act wierd.

Beta 1.0.1

@Briarfox I finally got your menu program loaded, it only took me a half hour trying to load it from CC. Right now CC is un-usable on an iPad 1. But anyways, back to your menu program. One thing I noticed is, if you have a project checked with the dependencies, that project then shows in the menu list. If that project gets deleted at a later time, it still shows up in the menu list, but not the dependencies list. I’m not sure how you’re supposed to remove it from the menu list.

Thats an issue with Codes. It’s still saved in the .plist for the project. You have to remove it as a dependency before deleting it. This goes for any time you have a dependency in a project. Drove me nuts until I figured out what was happeneing.

@Briarfox I thought that was going to be a problem. But then I realized that if there are projects that have been deleted and show in the menu list, a project can be created with the same name, the dependency unchecked, and the project deleted again. So there is an easy way around the problem.