Listing Storage contents, clearing Global Storage

(1) Is there any available equivalent of spriteList(spritePackName) for Local, Project or Global Storage? (I can imagine functions listLocalData(), listProjectData() and listGlobalData() that would return an array of the valid keys.) (2) I can see that a function clearGlobalData() could be dangerous, but might Codea have a setting to clear Global Storage if it accumulates the unwanted results of experimentation?

Wow, @mpilgrem, I was just pondering that myself… I think it would be a good idea, especially for global data, because there is no other way to keep track of it between multiple projects.

For saving project data, I just implemented a saved index string to keep track of what my project had saved. Then you can read it back and display it etc. Very useful for bug fixing too. It could be easy to get something wrong and fill up unnecessary space. The saved data appears in the Data.plist file if you want to check what your project has saved with something like iExplorer.

@mpilgrem I think those would be very useful. If you could add them to the issue tracker it would be appreciated:

I’ve added it as item number 143. (Updated) This was added in version 1.4.3 of Codea.