List of apps

Is there a way to look through all the files on a device, such as apps directory to get a list of apps and reading the icon images for sprites? Im thinking of making a dynamic app board where i can use the files in the apps folder such as the icon to make physical bodies which i can click (using openURL) and manipulate the bodies like a physical sandbox

Jailbreaking and then getting ifile (the de facto iPad file browsing and veiwing and editing app) will help

No i have a jailbreak actually, but I’m wondering if there’s a way for codea to get the files using codea functions. thanks though

Luatee, you can get the files if you know the paths using io. There is currently no way to get a listing of files.

I know that the app directory names are just some ids. It’s what you see when you use the free version of iFile. The paid version of iFile has the option to replace the ids with the real app names. I believe that the id name matching is done with some property list file somewhere. The location of that file should be fixed so you could get an idea of what directories exist from that.

So what you’re saying is I need to hunt for a plist which holds all the app names? Seeming as they link the id to the app name I’m guessing it just reads the app name from the plist and attaches it to the id so I could get all the app names from reading that plist? Assuming the plist is in the same directory on every ipad?

Maybe it’s not like that. Maybe iFile is looking into every id directory and get tahe app name from there (The folder or the property list in there somewhere). I can’t check because I’m not jailbroken. Is there a way to search for content of files in iFile? If so I would try to search for one of the app ids. Or copy everything to my pc and do it there :-).

I know iFile holds a folder called Applications that is highlighted in blue, this directory doesnt include all of the apps though so I dont really want to use that.