Line delete key

After playing around with Codea for awhile now, I have a suggestion for a new key on the keyboard. It’s a delete line key. It would be nice to put the cursor at the end of a line and press one key instead of having to hit the backspace key many times. I know that I can highlight a line and press backspace, but being able to press one key to delete the line would be a lot easier.

@dave1707 that’s a good suggestion, and ties into a feature I’ve been wanting to implement for a while: line select by touching the line gutter. This was a feature I wanted to put in version 1.0 but it never got in there. Once it’s implemented (I can’t say exactly when) you’ll be able to select a line by tapping the line number, or select a block by dragging on the line gutter. Then you can delete the selected line with the delete key.

Not as quick as a single button, but I think it’s a good way to include this feature.

That sounds better than a single line delete key. I always found it awkward trying to use the highlight drag icons to select one or multiple lines. Tapping a line number or just dragging the gutter sounds like it would make deleting lines a lot easier.


Sounds like a very nice feature to add!

Agreed! Taking this a step further, it would be nice to have an emacs-style mark and end-selection gesture so that could quickly select large blocks of text for cut/copy/paste.

Maybe a double-tap at the start for Mark, and then another double-tap elsewhere for end-of-selection, and then a pop-up to select cut/copy.

@ Simeon Oh boy. I can’t wait for this feature to be implemented. I’ve picked Codea (lua and programming in general) up only a few days ago and this would be a big help!