Light Racer type of game preview

This is the first project I will try to finalize and upload to the App Store :slight_smile: A discussion from @Cabernet questioning a 360° snake game brought up the idea to create such a game. I first wanted to do it 2D, but discussing how to do this fast enough and withouth retained mode, I had to do it with meshes. Well, when you have meshes, why not switch to 3D. Thanks to helpful comments to my questions from @Simeon and @West I have now my first version where I would like to show you a video today. It contains the typical light racer textures, but also a paper/sketch like scene. Maybe I will use them all, or decide for only one of theme. The textures are very primitive for now… just a draft. There is a camera from above and also a first person camera. There are lots of todos on my list, e.g. create optimal triangles as currently I only add rotated boxes, but those overlap each other and don’t look good in the curves. I will also need some model in front of the trail, maybe I need a PLY model loader to do it with Blender. The camera movement in first-person needs some smoothing.

Collision is working, but I switched it off for the video so it doesnt stop if I hit something. Just the background flashes then.

My plan is to do this as single player (levels with obstacles, longest-time-alive in highscore) and two-player on one iPad (first-die-loses). I plan to post videos from the progress here.

(Edit: The two pauses in the video are because I paused the recording to change parameters)

This is stunning… Great job!

That’s incredible @KilamMalik. Seeing this sort of thing really makes me want to get the next version of Codea out for you to use :slight_smile:

Looks great! Looking forward to playing it

fantastic - I like the neon look for what its worth.

100% agree with @Reefwing - top job (and I second the neon look).

FWIW - I’m struggling trying to get my head round creating a proper 3D world / object / camera system in Codea - any chance you could post an article or some kind of tutorial on this?

Looks cool, keep at it!

Wow is Tron :smiley:

@KilamMalik how did you make it

@AtFresh - please don’t post in really old threads like this, start a new one