Let's compete!

Seeing as how I’m completely new to Codea (have held an iPad for a total of 4 hrs in my lifetime :P) I’d like to enter a competition soon to help me improve. Are there any coming up specifically for Codea? If not, I’d gladly start one!

I’ve been building the “Game Makers’ Dev Network” (GMDN) for the last year (http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=LTM9MujoGbw), and this would be a good opportunity to both expand interest in the project and help me get a stronger hold on Codea. I have saved some funds for the project to host competitions on release, and I would totally drop $250 (plus anything from the GMDN’s sponsors) to kick things off.

We could figure out the details (game/app, date, duration), and maybe have someone not competing set the theme. They would reveal one random letter of the theme a day in a “hangman” fashion. Then we have a few days/weeks to pump something out.

I would only be able to support this if there is enough interest, and I would prefer to keep it restricted to just Codea. What do you guys think?

Sounds like a great idea - I would give it a shot.

I would enter, been talking about something like this for a while, just haven’t actually done it.

Like it! :wink:

Sounds good, I’ll work something out by next weekend! Probably shoot to start in Sept…I’ll let you guys know!

I’m interested on it. It’s a great idea.

Im in

I’m new to Codea, but fairly good with Python (so I picked up Lua pretty quickly). This competition sounds fun, count me in!

Sounds like something id like, write me down

I’m on it. I’ll try to next weekend… OK?

Zombie thread?

@Briarfox - You mean an almost year old thread? Totally… But there seems to be a little interest… So why not?

Oh by all means I’m in :slight_smile:

Count me in :slight_smile:

Sounds fun

And who will supply the rewards?

I don’t think we really need rewards, at least I wouldn’t. It would be fun to have some friendly competition. Run it kind of like Ludum Dare Jam. One weekend, we vote on a theme then vote on the winner. The hardest part is art assets. I love checking out people projects but I hate adding all the art assets. Think I’ll look into adding the import and auto linking of art assets in my installer.

The kind of “random words” system that some dare-style challenges have used has led to some fun results.

Put an eccentric list of nouns in one box (platupus, spaceship, macaroon) and a bunch of random verbs in another (operate, shrink, sail), then grab out one or more of each to select a theme. You can end up with games about platupus surgeons, or tiny astronauts, or sea-faring bakeries.

Then a month later, do it again.