Lesson Learned

I am starting over on a new game, and decided to use Classes, and vec2 for x,y positions. A simple program that displays balls on the screen - only it wouldn’t. I simplified it down, used print() statements, and everything trying to figure out what was wrong. Nothing worked. I got off on a wrong tangent when I was using print(fill()) to make sure the color was right for displaying the balls. I just assumed it would give the current fill color, but it doesn’t. Shouldn’t it and stroke() give the current value? Anyway, I finally decided to shut down Codea and restart it. Suddenly my balls were showing! Well, at least the ones on my iPad.
So, long story short - if things aren’t working as you think they should, shut down Codea and restart it. I sure with I had tried that about 2 hours ago.

I think it’s common first aid procedure on iOS. Anytime you got an app behaves weirdly, shut the app down and start it again. If it doesn’t help, restart your iOS device. :slight_smile:

I just assume it’s something stupid that I have done. That is usually the case!

We’ll be modifying stroke() and fill() to return the current state in an update. You’re right that they really should behave this way.

Thanks! Simeon - do you ever sleep???

He’s in Austrailia … I think he naps during what is late afternoon in the US.