Launch App from safari

Will be great to be able to launch an applicaiton from Safari with codea://application_name
A lot of application allow to open their own document with this syntax from safari why not codea ?
This will allow easy creation of shortcut on the springboard to launch directly a codea application from a icon

I believe this is something TLL is considering.

PLEASE! :slight_smile: This would be so awesome. Then we can save the link to the home screen with an icon. Click the link and launch Codea directly to the app(after the codea splash screen of course). It would be perfect. Also, a better way of organizing project files would be great. I have so many!

@jman4414 - Unfortunately, this will not be coming for quite a long time. They’re in the middle of making an iOS 7 version of Codea, which will have a brand new editor. I don’t know if they’ll have a new project organizer. Along with that, I don’t see a Codea URL scheme as a very high priority on their list of things to do.