Latest version of Mandelbrot demo program for versions 1.2 and later

Hi all,

Here’s the very latest version ( 0.7) of the Mandelbrot program that includes resolution and rendering mode iparameters that can be adjusted on-the-fly. The new version uses the image() class for fast bitmap rendering, and a bunch of tricks to speed execution of the set calculations. Suggestions and additions welcome!

Perhaps you could add julian set as well. I made similar program a while ago using Coders. Too bad, I still have no time to convert it to Codea. You can see it here.

Just got it converted to Codea. You may want to look at it here. The convertion is very easy but I failed to get the same beautiful color effect just like the one I wrote using Coders. It seems that Codea has different coloring mechanism or something. Any hints are welcome. Thank you.

It still got no interactions either. I’ll add it later, if needed. :slight_smile:

Latest version updated to account for the y axis flip on the image() class which broke the registration between touch and rendered image coordinates.

The y-axis flip update (1.2.5) is not out yet. So this will actually not perform correctly on the current version (1.2)

Hey Simeon,

Keep those updates coming! You guys are doing a really great job building out new features. Here’s a brand new version of Mandelbrot. For the upcoming Codea 1.2.5 release to count for the y axis swap. this one retains the behavior of the older version, updating the screen from top to bottom even with the image() y axis rendering flip.

Sorry about the confusion on the beta. Just to be clear, this version is ONLY for the upcoming 1.2.5 release.


@alvelda I made sure that 1.2.5 used your newest code and made the necessary corrections to account for the Y-axis flip (rasterises from the top down, zooming works correctly) – so be assured it won’t ship with a broken example.

Thanks! Sorry for creating more work you in the process. I’ll stay on top of the release cycle a little better next time.

I have been working separately on a Mandelbrot program. The program can be reached at

I have used some of Dr. Alvelda’s ideas in this (e.g., shortcut for points known to be in Mandelbrot set). There are some differences intended to improve user control. The most significant are:

A. Zoom in by selecting a boxed subregion of displayed region. Zoom out by pinching with two fingers.

B. Take advantage of recently added displayMode capability to enable full screen capability.

C. Additional control over color selection by adding parameter to control number of color levels.

This is a work in progress. I welcome comments and suggestions.

Cool! I love the drag able window for zoom. I was too lazy to do that part!