KickAsteroids - Zoyt's Codea Holiday Cook Off Development Thread

I’ll be posting stuff here as it goes on… I’ll probably be posting some idea brainstorms soon.

OK. I think I’ve got an idea. let’s see how it goes…

I’ve got the enemies working. I’ll post a screenshot as soon as I get a working prototytpe.

First video:
The goal is to not let the objects hit the planet. This is using the fragmentation code I wrote yesterday.

@Zoyt Isn’t that kind of a copy of Planetroids?

@SkyTheCoder I thought the same thing

@SkyTheCoder, @Prynok - No. It’s very different. You’ll see when you play it.
Anyways, finished basic game mechanics. Next, I’ll work on screen, loosing effects, graphics, cities on the planet, etc.
Anyways, I’ve got a family to have Christmas Eve dinner with, so I’m gonna leave. :slight_smile:

@Zoyt, looks fun, but I’m kind of wondering… Where does fall come in?

@JakAttak - From the planet’s point of view, the asteroids are falling towards it (yes, at a static speed). @Mark - Does this cut it, or will I be marked down?

I recognized the falling aspect of it instantly. I don’t see what it would be cut down. Nice explosions by the way!

@Zoyt that looks like falling to me (I’m inclined to be flexible, but I’m still hoping to rope @John and @Simeon into doing the actual judging).

@MrScience - Technically, Planetroids was my idea originally, but now it’s the team’s copyright. Anyways, I’m trying to vary it as much as possible.
@Mark - Thanks.

nice explosions :slight_smile:

Really sorry I haven’t been able to update much. I’ve been offline and spending time with family most of the time. Anyways, here’s a quick update video:
Sorry for the slow frame rate due to recording. Anyways, it works with 1 or 2 players. Now I’m adding stuff like power ups. Suggestions are welcome! (I stop destroying asteroids at the end of the clip because I don’t have much time to upload.)

Very nice, looks really fun

Looks good - reminds me of vectorgeddon

@JakAttak, @West - Thanks. I’ve never heard of VectorGeddon, but I just looked it up. Nice. I’ll be online for a few hours, so I’ll try and post updates.

Wow, that is pretty neat. It looks almost done already.

Wow… I’m actually starting to stress out about this. Not good. Anyways, sorry I wasn’t able to post a video at the end of my (brief) coding yesterday. I implemented menus and the basics of power ups. Once I finish the power ups, I’ll post a video.

I’m really disappointed in the speed of Codea’s physics engine. I really can’t wait for the speed improvements in v2. I’ve had to comment out a ton of features.