keyboard question

can i also detect the arrows on the bluetoth keyboard? would be great for many many games!


You can, but I forgot the key code. Bortels included it in his iCade class.

wow! where can i find his iCade class?

@Maxiking16 I don’t think his solution will work for you - I may be wrong, but I think the iCade’s joystick simulates keyboard presses of letters rather than arrow keys.

For reference, though, @Bortel’s iCade class is here:

Oh. Sorry. I don’t remember what key Cidea it returns. But I think you can just say print(key) and see what it returns. In the keyboard buffer, the keys actually let you navigate left and right in the string. But key itself is the actual key. Try it out and let us know. Im till away from my iPad.

it doesnt even notice… :confused: