Just some support

Dear twolivesleft, readers,

While i only just bought this app, i simply came here to voice my support.

In addition, i would like to give my +1 to suggestions (already made, obviously) to take the code and put it in a full-blown IOS app - I read that it’s on the drawing board but I would definetly use it.

My suggestion is to make mac-based source code which just passes to the main.lua (or whatnot) - so essentially the ‘codea player’ suggestion, but with the extra step of submitting it to the Apple Dev Comittee with your LUA game if you want it published…

Finally, as I’m also interested in normal apps, it would be pleasant for me if some/most/all basic ios interface elements could also eventually get included~~

nyuu i seem to ask a lot when all i really came to say is KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK

Related to this, it would be nice to have a external httplink command.

Say we get the backend engine, it would be nice to have a httplink command for a “Made with Code link”, and links to borrowed scripts, etc.

Httplink would just throw it to iOS to bring up a browser (according to whatever the IPad has listed, like Safari)

As far as abuse prevention (links to jailbreak etc.) allowing only hardcoded links may be done. I’m not familiar with Apple’s policy on links. That would effect things like internal httprender.

While the idea seems nice, I don’t think that’s the main purpose of Codea. Though Codea’s feature are getting better and more complete by the days, I don’t think they will be sufficient enough to write a full-blown professional app for iOS in foreseeable future. Of course, someday in the future, it is possible that Codea will be good enough. But, I believe we’ll have to wait quite long enough for that. If you really want to make iOS apps using Lua, there are some framework/devkit out there specially for that purpose e.g. Corona.

When we release the backend source code it will be possible to add your own functions into the Codea runtime that are necessary for your own apps, such as a httplink() function. You would have to have some C experience but it’s not too difficult.

bee, have you seen how many bad apps there are out there? I think the examples of Codea already have more quality then half of the apps actually released - a good programmer could do with the current functions and get a good bit towards a full blown app.

As for Corona, it’s flippin’ expensive (at least, relative to what Apple itself asks from it’s devs) so for me, that’s not an option at all at this point. I’ve checked out some other ways to code, but none had the total appeal to me… I’m probably too demanding -_-’

I’ve seen in the FAQ that you’re gonna release the source code eventually, is there any time path when you think this’ll happen? Also, I’d advise you to slim down the source code, so that it’s just a Codea Runner… That way, you can keep some secrets for the Codea app itself :wink:

Anyway, following this with baited breath :slight_smile: