Just a simple board game..

CODEA is amazing… please keep the project alive…
my first project after only 2 days discovering CODEA and LUA and 2-3 to “polish” it:


CODEA its very easy to cope with. Just give a try.

Nice game! Source code please? And WELCOME TO CODEA!

Nice! Would you share the code, so i can try the game too?

Yes, of course, here is the link: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/16316631/Codea_projects/Codea_Knigths_Tour.zip

Nice work @PanosGR and the video is very good. How did you do the panning cuts?

Thank you,
Video made with iMovie (on iPad) in 10 minutes. iMovie do the panning cuts on photos.

That’s very impressive. Great looking project and really cool that you made the whole video on your iPad.