Join Codea Beta

Hi Everyone

With Apple’s new TestFlight service we can now involve more people in testing Codea. Please post in this thread if you’re interested and I will get in touch.

There are some requirements, you must:

  • Have iOS 8 and an Apple ID
  • Be able to provide feedback
  • Be willing to deal with bugs
  • Be willing to back up all your projects regularly

Consider joining if you have the time and want to help make Codea releases stable, guide API design decisions and feature development.

Edit: Once I feel we have enough new testers I will close this thread.

@Simeon I want to be a beta tester!

Sign me up!

@Simeon I’m willing to do this, test out new feautures seems fun to me, I back my projects up in time (thx to @dave1707’s excellent code)

I’m interested, don’t put as much time into Codea as I used to, but hopefulyl that will change soon when some work stuff settles down.

@Simeon - I’m trying to ramp up my development efforts with Codea, I don’t know how much time I’ll actually get but you can count me in to.

@simeon sign me up

I’m also in

me as well

I’ll join it :smiley:

i have an apple ID, but I don’t have a developer ID anymore. is that what you meant?

@matkatmusic An Apple ID is all you need.

I’m down then. sign me up!

I’m down mate!

@Simeon - I’m up for the beta if you still have invites left. I’d really like to get the Roguelike I’m building into the new version. I’ll send you a PM with my AppleID

I would love to test new releases

I would like to sign up for the beta

Please add my name to the list, like to make a contribution if I can.



I would like to help

I’d love to help, if you don’t have enough people yet. A lot of the time I spend using Codea is on a diverse range of small utility, testing and experimentation programs, so I think I might be useful for finding bugs.