Is there anyway to pull up the image viewer from within codea?

I’d like to allow the user in Particular Particle to select thier own image when creating particles. I’m not sure how to do this. Has anyone done something like this or have any ideas on how to? I looked through Spritely but there doesn’t seem to be an image import.

Create and display a sprite sheet?

I’m looking for a way to display the image spritePacks. Basically I want to create something like Codea’s spritepicker inside an app.

Hmm… Maybe you could use create a table of all the spritepacks, and have it access the Icon file inside it for the picture. Then, when you go inside, you can use spriteList() and for loops to get all the sprites within, their names, and their textures.

spritelist, thats what I needed. I was un aware of that function! Thanks.

You’re welcome.

I have a picture browser in my UI library.

@Andrew_Stacey which version of cmodule are you using? I tried the release you gisted and I tried toads latest. I’m getting a cmodule touch error.

@Andrew_Stacey With the latest version of cmodule I’m getting a cmodule touch error. With cmodule 0.8 I get an error path being nil in main line:11

Could you update the version so AutoGist includes the tab order? Maybe thats the problem.

edit: Does Library UI require Library Utilities and Library Base?

Updated, and it does require Library Base/Utilities (if you save it as a different name you just have to change the path).

If you run this version then the picture browser should be active.

Given that it is built on my libraries, My expectation was that you’d use it as an example to write your own. But if you want to use my library, feel free!

@Andrew_Stacey I wasnt planning on using the library, I just wanted to see it visually :slight_smile: Thanks

@Briarfox That’s what I understood. Hope it helps.