Is there an API for iPad to the audio jack I/O?

Is there an API / function call to handle iPad audio jack I/O?

No audio input yet, but I think it might be in the next update. There’s the sound() function to generate a sound but it’s not the best. The next Codea version will include custom sound assets, though.

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I think the question here isn’t really sound, but using the audio jack for data transfers ala Square and several fitness monitors. And I think the answer, for now at least, is no.

Nope, I don’t think Codea can do this.

You’re most likely be able to achieve what you want with TechBasic (

This has a dedicated and easy to use API for monitoring the iPhone/iPads sensors. Although, I’d check the docs to see if it does exactly what you want. It also works well with the ‘Hijack’ breakout board and A/D converter via the i/o jack - which may be what you want anyway:

Hope this helps… :slight_smile:

@Mark Yes, my questions was about data transfer via techniques like
frequency-shift keying.

@andymac3d Thanks for the techBASIC/Hijack board mention.