Is it possible to make a game like clash of clans on codea?

Like the title says, I am interested to know if it is possible to make a good looking game like clash of clans on codea?

It’s possible to make pretty much anything in Codea. This would be probably even be a simpler one, because it’s 2D, not realtime multiplayer, and doesn’t have a lot of animations.

The basics would be quite simple, but have all the online interactions of coc would be almost impossible. An offline version, though it would be difficult, would be possible.

@Mr_Ninja Online interactions would be fairly simple, it would just require a website and a bit of server-side work. Realtime multiplayer is what would be almost impossible.

Thanks for the answer!! Why are that almost imposaible?

Hi @llEmill,

Realtime is almost impossible because you would need to do rapid network interactions via a socket (a network ‘pipe’) which Codea does not support without custom code on the Objective-C side…

Codea does support calls to Internet URLS, e.g. websites, so a turn-by-turn game would be possible. Calls to websites are relatively slow though so they cannot be used for realtime multiplayer interactions.


Thank you very much for your answer @brookesi :slight_smile: